What is the SGp Prize?

SGp Prize is an award for writers in Singapore. It is an opportunity to get their work published and seen by a wider audience. The winner of the sgp prize will be rewarded with cash prizes and also the chance to build a career in writing. It is a great way to get your work noticed and make a name for yourself in the world of literature.

The sgp prize was first mooted by Kishore Mahbubani, Distinguished Fellow at the NUS Asia Research Institute. He created it in 2014 in support of SG50 and now serves as the prize’s jury chair. The sgp prize aims to honour Singapore’s achievements and highlight the importance of its shared imagination.

It is important for the future of the sgp prize to continue to focus on celebrating the work of Singaporeans, both past and present. It also needs to be open and inclusive. This means that the sgp prize should be accessible to all Singaporeans, regardless of their social and economic backgrounds. It is vital for the sgp prize to maintain its role as a catalyst for conversation and collaborations.

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