The Sidney Prize

sidney prize

The sidney prize is an award that recognises people and organisations who have made a positive impact on Australia’s culture, society or economy. It is awarded on a national basis and is presented at a ceremony each year. Previous winners have included the Black Lives Matter movement, which is a global human rights organisation, and the Sydney Opera House.

The annual sidney prize honors writers who have written long-form essays in politics and culture that are of the highest quality. The winner is chosen by New York Times columnist David Brooks, who has given the prize since 2004. This year’s winner was “The Coddling of the American Mind” by Brooks and William Zinsser, which explores student hypersensitivity. The authors describe this phenomenon as “vindictive protectiveness,” which leads to depression and prevents students from being prepared for the real world.

Other sidney prizes are awarded to academics for their research in a wide range of fields, including feminism, art and music. These awards are a way of recognizing the work that these scholars have done and are a sign of their commitment to their field. They also demonstrate that the field of scholarship is constantly evolving and expanding, despite the controversies that sometimes surround it.

In addition to the sidney prize, there are also a number of awards for journalism in both the United States and abroad. These awards are given by various organizations and institutions, and are meant to highlight some of the best investigative reporting in service of the common good. They are named after the late sidney altman, a pioneer in molecular biology who believed that science should be used for the good of society and was a strong advocate for academic freedom.

One of the most prestigious sidney prizes is the Sydney peace prize, which honours groups that promote the principles of peace with justice and non-violence. Past winners have included the Black Lives Matter movement, founded by Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi following the 2013 murder of George Zimmerman in the US. Other recipients have been Julian Burnside and Prof Noam Chomsky.

Another important sidney prize is the SS Sidney Prize for Philosophy. Established in 1959, this award is granted annually by the offer of an annual donation from the Sydney University Arts Society for the best Honours thesis submitted by a student undertaking the course Philosophy IV. The conditions of the award have been modified over the years to reflect the increasing importance of metaphysics and epistemology in contemporary philosophical debates.

The 2023 Neilma Sidney short story prize is currently open to submissions, with a deadline of the last day of each month. The judges and the Malcolm Robertson Foundation will select a winning story and two runners-up, with first place receiving $5000 in prize money and publication in Overland.