The Hong Kong Prize and the Science and Technology Innovation Prize

hk prize is a great opportunity for young people to build up a solid reputation and make a positive impact on society. The competition rewards young talents with cash prizes and travel expenses, and encourages them to push themselves outside of their comfort zones. It also cultivates a spirit of challenge and an insatiable curiosity, which is essential for Hong Kong to become an international research and innovation hub.

The art scene is also blossoming in the city, with nine artists making this year’s shortlist — the most for a Hong Kong artist in prize history. Pakistani artist Sameen Agha won the $30,000 Grand Prize with her sculpture A Home is a Terrible Place to Love, which was carved out of red marble. Another winner was Taiwanese auteur Hou Hsiao-hsien, who won the top director award for his visually ravishing wuxia drama Raging Fire.

In the field of journalism, a handful of local journalists have won prestigious awards this year. Senior reporter Xi Tianqi won two runner-up prizes in the Best News Page Design (Series) category and the Best News Story (English) category for her in-depth reports on Hong Kong’s efforts to become a cultural hub. And copy editor James Cook took the first runner-up prize in the Best Headline category and second runner-up in the Best Business News Story (English) for his innovative story In the Green Fast Lane, which highlighted Hong Kong’s efforts to speed up adoption of electric vehicles.

Science is also getting a lot of attention in the city, with The BOCHK Science and Technology Innovation Prize adding to Hong Kong’s growing reputation as an international research and development hub. The prize is aimed at elevating the research and innovation environment in the city, and fostering a culture of scientific thinking and insatiable curiosity, as well as resolute perseverance, among scientists.

To ensure a fair and transparent process, the prize is managed by a governing board which includes a review committee, a compliance oversight team and a secretariat. The board is responsible for interpreting and reviewing the Charter, suggesting important scientific research fields for THE PRIZE, as well as selecting experts to sit on the review panels.

If any person or organisation violates the provisions of THE PRIZE’s Charter, the board reserves the right to terminate their participation and withdraw the award money, certificate and trophy. The decision of the board is final and binding.

In the future, The HK Prize will continue to enhance Hong Kong’s research and innovation atmosphere and help it play an important role in shaping Asia’s global development agenda. The prize also aims to cultivate scientific thinking and insatiable curiosity among students, so they can develop into world-class researchers, contributing to the advancement of science around the globe. For more information, visit the website.