Learn the Different Betting Intervals in Poker

You’ve probably heard of “rock” or “overplay” before. This term is used when your hand contains a card higher than any other card on the board. For example, if you’ve got 10-9 on the flop contains three different suits, you can’t make a flush with that hand. But how do you know if your hand is a rock? Read on to discover the basics of poker.

Pre-flop betting phase

If you’re a beginner to the poker game, you should understand the different phases of the game before placing your first bet. This initial phase of the game will determine the course of the game, and understanding how it works can greatly improve your overall strategy. Learn the different betting intervals in poker, and you’ll soon be a winner! The best way to win poker? Understand the different betting intervals and the different types of hands.

Pre-flop betting intervals

The pre-flop betting phase, or “pre-flop round,” is a critical part of the poker game. It begins with the player to the left of the blinds, and rotates clockwise around the table. Pre-flop raises can be small or large, depending on your position in the pot and your theory of how the cards will turn out. When you’re in the lead in a game, the pre-flop betting interval is the best time to make a raise.


A single straight is a common starting hand, but it should be played with caution. It is unlikely to win the pot if a flush or full house is available. Similarly, if the straight is forming on the low side of the board, you should be very cautious because another player may be forming a high straight. Nevertheless, if you have a good hand value, you should not give up.


In poker, a flush is a hand consisting of five cards of the same suit. While the rank of the flush is important, the ranking of the cards does not matter in isolation. The highest possible flush is known as a “nut flush”, and can only be achieved when the flop contains an ace-high card and three hole cards. Unlike straights, however, a nut flush does not necessarily mean the player has all five cards of the same rank.

Four of a kind

The term “Four of a Kind” refers to a group of four cards with the same rank. While the rank is the only thing that determines a Four of a Kind’s ranking, suits aren’t necessarily as important. As such, a hand with Jacks beats a Four of a Kind with a lower rank. Here are some tips for playing with Four of a Kind.


A Flush in poker is a hand that contains all cards of the same suit, or a straight flush, which consists of a line of identical cards in order of rank. A flush is one of the most valuable hands to win in poker. A flush can make a player rich and even win the game! However, there are several other types of flushes in poker, including straights. Learn more about flushes in poker.

Straight flush

In poker, a straight flush is a combination of five cards of the same suit. It is the second-best hand, after the Royal Flush. This winning hand is unbeatable, as no other poker hand ranks higher than it. However, there are many other hands that rank below the straight flush. Among these is the quads, which consists of four cards of the same rank. Here’s how to play poker with a straight flush!

Flush flush

If you are a poker player, you may have heard of the terms straight flush. In poker, a flush is a hand of cards that all have the same suit, whereas a straight flush is a run of cards with the same rank. Regardless of the name, flushes are one of the highest scoring hands in the game. Learn how to score with a flush by following the steps below: