Our Delicious Nutritious Adventures program fights obesity, promotes heart health, and decreases the risk for type 2 diabetes by teaching kids the importance of eating fruits and vegetables in a way that is fun and memorable.

Our Little Spears then in turn inspire their families to explore new foods by preparing our delicious and nutritious recipes at home.

Purple Asparagus isn’t just helping local kids and families today…
we are building a future of healthy and adventurous eaters for a lifetime.


After an exciting year of
Delicious Nutritious Adventures
in the classroom…

Impact - 76.jpg
Impact - 67.jpg
Impact - 46.jpg
Impact - 55.jpg

Who We Served…

in 17 Schools and 22 Communities across Chicagoland.

What We Ate…

19 pints of blueberries

573 apples

74 bags of carrots

50 heads of romaine lettuce


Learn more about the efficacy of our programs by reading Outlier Research & Evaluation at UChicago STEM Education, University of Chicago’s summary of their evaluation of our program. Click here.