Family Cooking Programs are offered as a supplement to our Delicious Nutritious Adventures in the classroom, helping to build a bridge between the classroom and the home kitchen. Family Cooking Programs help to introduce parents and caregivers to the Purple Asparagus approach to healthy eating while giving them an opportunity to sample Purple Asparagus recipes.


Our Family Cooking Programs are offered to the community as both one-time lessons and multi-lesson series. Delicious Nutritious Adventures lessons and recipes are adapted to be engaging for both kids and adults, and to help families engage in the exciting world of fruits and vegetables together in a way that is meaningful and fun.

Family Cooking Programs are offered year-round for community/private groups and can be adapted to meet the specific needs of your group.


If you are interested in hosting a Family Cooking Program for your group, please contact our Adventure Spear, Rachael Morkunas for more information.


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