Purple Asparagus is committed to diversity and inclusion…


…both on our plates and in our communities.

Salty, sour, sweet… Oh My! At Purple Asparagus, every flavor, texture, taste and color has a place on our plate. As we lead our Little Spears on taste adventures through the exciting world of fruits and vegetables, we celebrate the amazing diversity of the foods we eat, and the people we meet, in a way that is engaging, meaningful and fun for everyone.

Purple Asparagus embraces every individual in every family and community, and we pride ourselves in inspiring people of all ethnicities, cultures, genders, religions, sexual orientations, income levels and viewpoints to become engaged with Purple Asparagus and to fall in love with delicious, nutritious foods.

In collaboration with several community-based health and social justice partners, Purple Asparagus seeks to improve the health of all of Chicago’s children and provides programming to groups large and small, regardless of race, religion, color, location, ability, access and/or means.

We provide education and inspiration for those in our community with access to delicious and nutritious foods to help them make better choices and explore the exciting world of healthy eating; and we advocate for those in our community without access to delicious and nutritious foods and fight for the access, equity and opportunity for every individual to live a delicious nutritious life.

Purple Asparagus is changing the future… one bite at a time, for everyone.
Bon Ap-pea-tit!